Come Celebrate Liberation Day on Saturday,  May 1, 2010 !
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Liberation Day is part of a WORLDWIDE event, held in over 250 cities around the planet on the same day.  The Detroit event is not the only one in the region, and participation is encouraged no matter where you live.  A complete listing can be found at


No info available.

Benton Harbor

Grandview & Union between 11:30am & noon.  Melody Karr (231) 882-9721 or Rev. Steve Thompson (231) 882-9721

Traverse City

Contact the Happy Hemptress: (513) 684-HEMP.  Or visit



March from Public Square to Justice Centre.  Call (216) 521-9333 (between noon & 6pm)


Seitz Park at Jefferson Ave. bridge downtown. Noon to dusk rally. March at 4:20pm ending with Rainbow Farm Memorial Drum Circle.  Call Jay at (261) 697-4521 or visit /html/sbend.htm

South Bend

Festivities at Federal Plaza starting at noon.  Contact Richey (847) 275-0473 or Dan Linn (847) 341-0591.


Corner of W. 17th Ave & N. High St, Near OSU. Rain Or Shine.  Contact Chris Ryan  or call (614) 551-0846.


Canatarra Park 4:20 PM.  Call Scot White (519) 337-7474 or write

canadiana_2000_ca@hotmail.c om

Sarnia, Ont

Here’s What To Bring:


-- Banners, Flags, Signs

-- "Peace Officers" for the rally

-- drummers for the drum circle


-- display solutions for information

Lib Day/Hempapalooza IS NOT A SMOKE-IN.  We have invited the local police to our event, and we have our own “deputized” Peace Officers who will ask anyone trading, displaying, selling or using illegal substances to leave the park.  Period.  This is not up for discussion or vote.  This is a public event.