Come Celebrate Liberation Day on Saturday,  May 1, 2010 !
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The Basics

Here’s What To Bring:


-- Banners, Flags, Signs

-- "Peace Officers" for the rally

-- drummers for the drum circle


-- display solutions for information

- Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 (no rain date)

- Grand Circus Park in Beautiful Downtown Detroit

- Starts: High Noon; Ends: 5:30-6 pm


Important Notices

Lib Day/Hempapalooza this year will coincide with a Detroit Tigers game against Cleveland at Comerica Park just 1 block away!  This will make some things tougher, such as parking, and some things easier, such as making new friends and educating others.


But please remember at all times that a Tigers game means more kids will be there.  Please make your best effort to show the un-”Cannabissed” world that we are good, polite, non-threatening people.  Or you will be asked to leave the park.

Million Marijuana March on DC

City of Detroit us/

Unofficial Grand Circus Park Site http://www.grandcircus

Wikipedia on Grand Circus Park wiki/Grand_Circus_Pa rk

Our Weather Watch

Speakers List

-  Susan Sunshine

  Earth Poet and emcee for Liberation Day for most if its Detroit appearances, Susan Sunshine will once again help coordinate festivities and introduce speakers and bands.


-  Adam Brook

  Organizer of the annual Hash Bash event in Ann Arbor, one of the largest yearly counterculture events in the Good Ole’ U.S. of A.!


-  Scotty Boman

  Former Libertarian Party of MI candidate for US Senate,  Scotty Boman (not the hockey coach, that’s with a “w”) is a Liberation Day friend.  His Web site can be found here ...


- Renee Emery

  One of Michigan’s most outspoken advocate for Michigan’s recently-passed Proposal 1, the Medical Marijuana Act, and MS patient, Renee brings her sweetness and story.


- Katherine Barnes

  From Don’t Waste Michigan, Katherine Barnes will bring her anti-nuclear message.


- Everett Swift

  Many activists in this movement know the benefits of industrial hemp. Few know better, or do more for this important economical and ecological issue in Michigan than Everett Swift.

  Everett is also the Executive Director of the Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project,


-  Sweet Leaf/Dr Funkenstein

  Running the informative site, Dr Funkenstein says he’s nervous in front of people. But we've seen him speak. He's a natural. He is also one of the central figures in putting Lib Day Detroit together.


-  MarvinMarvin

  This local activist ran for Congress against stale biscuit Sandor Levin, working with the Liberatarians, Marvin2 is a well-known university and college professor.


-  Mike Whitty

  College professor Mike Whitty is a common guest on Detroit-area talk shows discussing current events through his insights and knowledge.  Always brilliant and often controversial, but that’s the way we like it.


Lib Day/Hempapalooza IS NOT A SMOKE-IN.  We have invited the local police to our event, and we have our own “deputized” Peace Officers who will ask anyone trading, displaying, selling or using illegal substances to leave the park.  Period.  This is not up for discussion or vote.  This is a public event.