Come Celebrate Liberation Day on Saturday,  May 1, 2010 !
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Cures-Not-Wars Mission:

The War on Drugs is Public Health Enemy Number One.  AIDS, addiction, violence and corruption are ravaging our cities. Instead of humanitarian solutions, public officials offer us only more violence in the form of prison for adults, boot camps for teens and psychiatric intervention and forced medication for children.  

A Quick Report on Liberation Day 2009


    This year’s Liberation Day event in Beautiful Downtown Detroit was cool.  Great bands and fine people.  And this year I noticed a greater sense of ease.  People were more happy and easygoing.  Was it the weather?  No.  Proposal 1 has helped the movement.  But more important, it has helped our attitude toward the movement.

    I am slap-happy to have been able to be the permit holder and main organizer of this year’s event.  But this year a true triumvirate ruled.  I may have been the Octavian, but Hi-Lo Bob was the Antony on my right side.

    If you loved the bands this year, please thank him.

    And Dr. Funkenstein – a.k.a. Sweet Leaf – was the Lepidus in this tripartite, doing the graphics for the flyers and more.

    But I’m not done.  Renee Wolf rented the Porta Potties.  Way cool.  And all the cool venders, MMMA, Leonard Peltier warriors,  Michigan,  Oakland Co. NORML, Scotty Bowman,



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Million Marijuana March on DC

City of Detroit


Unofficial Grand Circus Park Site

Wikipedia on Grand Circus Park Circus_Park

Our Weather Watch

and the guy with The Bonkey (damn, why didn’t I think of that!!!)

    And let’s not forget You.  You braved the fine weather to come to beautiful Downtown Motown and have a fine time with great people.  You put up with fantastic bands and phenomenal speakers.  And You helped make this happen.  




Paul Pearson

Announcing: A NEW SITE for Liberation Day, 2010!  Go here ... or visit


For the past few years I have loved being the main organizer and permit-guy for the Liberation Day events in Detroit.  Now, I live in Houston, and plan to bring this large, beautiful city a LibDay event in 2011.


This year, the Detroit event is in the hands of my right-hand guys, my go-to guys for previous events.  Please visit the new site, and be part of the revelry, music, speakers, fun and (hopefully) sun.


Sweet Leaf and Hi-Lo, thanks for taking over.

The movement in Michigan is strong, even the Hemp movement – led by – is going well and doing good.


Don’t allow small discouragements from holding you back from enjoying events like this.  This is what we live for.




Paul Pearson